Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hillary's Paranoia Running Rampant

The following is from NewsMax.

2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is warning that if President Bush's Supreme Court appointees succeed in overturning the federal right to an abortion, state governments would likely implement a reverse of China's one child policy that would instead force women to have five children.

"There would be many places in the country that would criminalize [abortion]," Clinton says in a new videotaped message posted to her Senate campaign web site. "They might even send women and doctors to prison."

The top Democrat painted a stark picture of government bureaucrats forcing women to bear children against their will if the new Bush court has its way.

"It would go in the direction that I saw in my travels, where, you know, in China they mandated you could only have one child. And in some places, like Romania during the Communist era, they mandated that you must have five children."

How do they come up with these fantasies? The left is getting more out of touch by the minute. Don't they realize that nobody wants the liberal fringe of this country to be fruitful and multiply and that the rest of us see children as a blessing. We're also smart enough to figure out what causes children and have better means of birth control than abortion.

Somebody needs to give Hillary her meds and take her back home to the trailer park.

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