Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Book Review And The ACLU

Book Review - The ACLU Vs. America
By Gary Schneider
Sep 5, 2005

The ACLU from its very inception has embraced principles antithetical to the founding tenets and subsequent prosperity and decency of this nation. The ACLU and their cohorts continue to aggressively undermine marriage, the family, the protection of children, the value of life, religious liberty and even American sovereignty itself. To this end they have acquired vast swaths of wealth and have been successful in undermining the will of the people in furtherance of their leftist anti-American putsch via the exploitation of the court system and their consistently applied strategy of legal intimidation, misinformation and fear.

Read the rest of this review at The National Ledger and follow it up with a visit to Stop the ACLU.

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