Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hypocrites At The UN

This is from an organization that is unable to prevent its "peacekeeping" forces from raping and pillaging around the world. Who wants to hear words of reproof from the most corrupt group since Al Capone ran Chicago.
The "evidence from around the world suggests that" the UN is unecessary and exists mainly to give voice to political midgets who are nothing more than boils on the butt of progress.

Expressing regret over Iraqi government's decision to execute by hanging three men accused of kidnapping, killing and rape, the United Nations has called on Baghdad to commute the death penalty in future.
While recognizing the "serious challenge" posed to the rule of law by terrorism, the insurgency and criminal activity, the UN Assistance Mission for the country said that evidence around the world suggests that capital punishment is a poor deterrent to crime.


Timothy Birdnow said...

UN has become an acronym for ``U Nuts?`` They are the worst form of institution; they constrain those who would act against evil while protecting evildoers.

Great post!

BobG said...

Exactly right, Tim, you've summed it up correctly.