Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Shadow Wolves

A quick word of thanks and tribute to the Shadow Wolves, the US Customs Service's only Native American tracking unit. The team is responsible for patrolling the Tohono O'odham lands in southern Arizona.

It was founded in 1972 to track drug smugglers on Indian reservation land. The Shadow Wolves say their name refers to the way the group hunts, like a wolf pack. If one wolf finds prey, it will call in the rest of the pack.

Smithsonian Magazine describes the group as "An all-Indian Customs unit—possibly the world's best trackers—uses time-honored techniques to pursue smugglers along a remote stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border." Read the whole article, it's really interesting.

Now, according to KOLD, the Department of Homeland Security wants them to be part of immigration and customs enforcement. The new assignment came about because lawmakers complained that Homeland Security was not using the Shadow Wolves unit effectively.

More about them at FOXNews.

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