Monday, May 08, 2006

ACLU Attacking General Hayden

No sooner does President Bush nominate General Michael V. Hayden to be the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, then the American Civil Liberties Union begins lobbying the Senate to vigorously question the nominee on his involvement with the "warrantless program to spy on Americans."

They preface all of this by stating they are a non-partisan organization, and take no official position on the nomination of any cabinet-level appointees. Yes, they state it with a straight face. If they are non-partisan, Lord help us if they ever opt to take sides.

The following is from Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director as presented on the ACLU website:

"The appointment of General Hayden is the latest example of President Bush giving promotions to those who have led the greatest attacks on our Constitution and fundamental freedoms. This administration continues to demonstrate a fundamental lack of respect for the rule of law and our core civil liberties and civil rights. We hope that the Senate will use this opportunity to break through the administration's stonewalling about the illegal program to spy on Americans without any check. Lawmakers and the American people have a right to know how many people have had their private conversations monitored.

"Hayden's approval of warrantless surveillance on Americans raises serious questions about whether the CIA would be further unleashed on the American public. It was under General Hayden's watch that the NSA started to wiretap Americans, without court or Congress' approval, even though the FISA Court acts quickly to review requests for intelligence investigations. Those who oversee our nation's intelligence agencies must have the highest respect and regard for our Constitution -- not the blatant disregard that individuals like General Hayden have shown. This is also an opportunity for Senators to demand the CIA to disclose its operations that may have run afoul of the Constitution and other federal laws - the practice of extraordinary rendition, the torture and abuse of prisoners and the use of 'black sites,' or secret prisons operated overseas. We encourage the Senate to fully investigate this nominee."

Oh yeah, that's non-partisan. Romero wants a fishing expedition because he's hoping something may have happened.

If there's blatant disregard on anyone's part it's Romero and his ilk with their disdain for those who are trying to keep us free. Their cavalier attitude about the Islamofascist threat to this country manifests itself in their open borders policy and their attempts to thwart the justice and security systems of our nation.

If the ACLU is against him, he must be the right guy for the job.

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