Friday, May 12, 2006

Memorial Day Madness


Well, it looks like the great amnesty plan is underway. First, CNN reports that:
"In back-to-back moves this week, the Pentagon began exploring ways to lend support at the Southern border, while the House on Thursday voted to allow the Homeland Security Department in limited cases to use soldiers in that region."

There's the move to give us the false impression that they really, really mean to secure the borders this time (wink, wink). We know otherwise, all it means is Mexico will have more sources of information on what American citizens are doing and what the are safest and most convenient invasion routes.

Meanwhile, the traitors on Capitol Hill are nearly wetting their pants with amnesty anticipation. Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tennessee, and Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, two of the brokers selling out America were applauded by Dana Perino, deputy White House press secretary, who exclaimed giddily, "We congratulate the Senate on reaching agreement, and we look forward to passage of a bill prior to Memorial Day."

Memorial Day?!

Is this how we will desecrate our honored dead? Will we sell out the soil they bled and died for by granting free passes to those who have no understanding nor repect for what America represents? If only those sleeping patriots could arise from their rest and free us from the traitors who have seized our nation's government. We need men and women like them now, more than ever.

Michelle Malkin: Too Little, Too Late

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