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Preach It, Arnold

Via the Los Angeles Times:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California's governor, blasted the federal government on Friday, saying "the federal government has failed the people of America in a terrible way, in a disastrous way, when it comes to this immigration situation."

Arnold is right on the money.

He said the federal government has allowed the border problem to "hang out there for 20 years and not do anything about it, when they knew this is a problem." For them to go home for spring break and not really take care of it when they know this was boiling here in this country is also irresponsible," he said.

I have beaten this drum many times on this blog. Here are a few examples:

It's The Amnesty, Stupid April 26th
"Our president is rapidly falling in the polls because he no longer has the support of the American people. The Republicans are about to pay a heavy price at election time, midterm, because they have failed to deliver on their promises. Americans do not want amnesty and anything short of securing our borders and sifting carefully through who is here and deciding, case by case, who goes and who stays is unacceptable."

Like A Cheap Suit April 12th
"This entire debacle is playing out as if it has been scripted to delude the American people. It seems the decision to make citizens out of millions of illegal trespassers on our soil has already been made and now the play is in its final act.

The illegals are here because our government has deliberately refused to enforce existing law. The illegals will remain because the government deliberately refuses to enforce the will of the American people. What is going on in Washington is merely the lipstick on the pig."

Without Representation April 11th
"75 percent say illegals should be denied government supplied health care and food stamps, with 21 percent saying they should get those benefits. A majority, 69 percent, say illegals shouldn't be allowed to get U.S. drivers licenses.Is that enough of a majority for you idiots in Washington? We already fought a revolution over having no representation, are we going to have to do it again?"

The Selling Of America, By Kerry And Heinz April 11th
During the Democratic Primary Debate in Albuquerque, in September of 2003, John Kerry was asked, "Would you support legalizing undocumented immigrants in this country?"

His reply? "Absolutely. I supported and was prepared to vote for amnesty from 1986."

Teresa Heinz, Kerry's wife has a favorite charity called the Tides Foundation. This is a grant making institution that funds radical groups, one of which is the Barrio Warriors, an Hispanic organization that calls for the liberation of the American Southwest.

The Nightmare Of A Dream Act Lives April 10th
Illegal alien students even had a mock graduation ceremony where they dressed in caps and gowns and received fake diplomas signed by fake American senators, Orrin Hatch, Dick Lugar and Dick Durbin who all sponsored this atrocity. This took place in our nation's Capitol, obviously with these senators approval. The Benedict Arnold club is alive and active.

Illegal Amnesty Bill, Reading The Fine Print April 9th
All immigration judges would step down after serving seven years. Replacements are retricted to attorneys with at least five years' experience practicing immigration law. Most of these would be attorneys who represent aliens in the courts, mostly liberals who would not be enthusiastic about enforcing immigration laws.

If You Have Enough Time, It Ain't No Crime April 7th
We will be no better off then we were before, no more secure (we're getting a virtual wall instead of a real one). Except now, we will have almost 10 million foreigners, most of whom couldn't give a tinker's dam about this country, running around legally. That will entitle them to more government aid, handouts and benefits, for which we will all pay dearly. Whatever we're saving in the price of lettuce will be paid out at tax time and in overburdened facilities (hospitals, clinics, post offices, motor vehicle departments, etc.) used by all of us.

America Betrayed April 6th
Are you happy with the disgusting display of your political parties applauding themselves for agreeing to betray the laws and sovereignty of our country? Like little children who have learned to play well together, yet do not understand the treachery they have wrought, they are the dealers of doom.

Amnesty Man April 4th

This bill does absolutely nothing to make the public secure, it may be securing some ethnic voting blocks for traitorous politicians like Kerry who would sell his country out for success at the ballot box.

McCain Goes Clintonesque April 3rd
On Friday, he blatantly encouraged illegals and their cronies to continue demonstrating, telling them, "If such demonstrations continue, I think we will have a bill for the President to sign soon," and "The more debate, the more demonstrations, the more likely we will prevail."

Kill The Bill April 1st
I encourage you to contact your senators this weekend and let them know how you feel about the Kennedy/McCain bill. Phone, fax, email, blog, use every means at your disposal to let Washington know how strongly you are against this legislation. Bury them in an avalanche of protest, so that when they return on Monday they will see how the majority feels and know there will be hell to pay if they defy the will of the people again.

Those are excerpts from the posts I wrote in April, voicing some of the same criticism as Arnold. The government has failed us and not by accident. For over twenty years they ignored a growing problem and now they have the gall to tell us, it is so big that amnesty is the only way to deal with it. Other solutions are written off as impractical and unrealistic. What is impractical and unrealistic is to think that you can remain in office after breaking your oath and ignoring the will of the vast majority of the American people (those being legal citizens of this nation, since that seems to need to be defined for many of our politicians).

I hope and pray, that the real betrayed people of this nation will cast their votes carefully and turn away from office every one of these scoundrels that has helped sell out America. Let the message go, to both the Democrats and Republicans, that if you give us traitorous candidates for 2006 and 2008, we will reject them.

The legal, loyal citizens of this country have had enough!

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