Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Lout That Roared

Howie "The Scream" Dean thinks General Michael Hayden is unfit to run the CIA. The first thing that comes to mind is consider the source. If there was ever a person unfit, in fact unhinged would be a better description, it is little Howie Dean. In fact Dean is not only unfit, he's given to fits. "When the Senators meet to decide on Hayden's confirmation, they must hear the voices of their constituents," he urges in the email. "We want to deliver the voices of 100,000 Americans who oppose this nomination." Is that all you can muster, Howie, a mere 100K? Obviously, there are at least that many nuts like yourself on the loose since we closed the institutions. Why don't you do the country a favor and overmedicate? Hat tip to NewsMax.

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