Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Peso Stops Here?

I had to wait until this morning to write about the "illegals" marketing pitch from last night. I didn't think my blood pressure could stand rehashing it that quickly.

The reformation of America's immigration system was never the issue, the issue was, is and continues to be the securing of our sovereign nation's borders and the enforcement of our laws all of which falls to the executive branch of our government. To clarify a point that seems a mystery to you, Mr. President, that is part of your job.

The issue of immigration does not stir intense emotion, what stirs emotion is the invasion of our nation by illegals, not immigrants. What stirs emotion is your ignoring this problem for the greater part of two terms and now preaching to us that it needs a "special" kind of solution because of your failure to address the problem in a timely manner. We are well aware that previous presidents are guilty as well, but one has to believe that after 9/11 there would have been a sense of urgency on your part to secure our nation. Nowhere have I seen an explanation for your complete lack of attention to a most obvious flaw in our security.

To say that we must "begin by recognizing the problems with our immigration system" is most disingenuous. Once again, who is responsible for that system? It would be you, Mr. President. And trying to share the blame that should fall to you, directly, with all of the American people is truly an act of cowardice.

If you knew that for "decades, the United States has not been in complete control of its borders", why did you wait another half of a decade to address this vital issue? You knew, Mr. President because even in this speech you stated, " I was the governor of a state that has a 1,200-mile border with Mexico. So I know how difficult it is to enforce the border, and how important it is." So, the truth is you knew this was a problem when you took office, you knew, certainly after 9/11, it was a critical issue, and you did nothing.

I am sick of you trying to portray people who have broken our nation's laws as living "in the shadows of our society". That is what happens when you break the law, you have to avoid the limelight. What part of that do you fail to understand? These people are not victims, so stop trying to portray them as such. If they have been victimized at all it is by their own country and your amigo El Zorro. The fact that they are, as you say, "beyond the reach and protection of American law" is because the law has not been enforced. Once again, who has failed to do that job? Can you say, the president? I knew you could!

The very next part of your speech says, "
We are a nation of laws, and we must enforce our laws." Don't make me ask again whose job that is and who has not been doing that job!

The second statement is totally untrue and is only worthy of a leftwing moonbat who loves slogans over fact. We are not a nation of immigrants. If you were an immigrant you could not hold the job you have, that is the law . After you master the pronunciation of the word nuclear, perhaps you should tackle the definition of the word immigrant. That would be a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence. We are no longer a nation of immigrants. My parents were born here, I was born here and my children were born here. Regardless, of any politically correct bovine manure you wish to spread, we are native born Americans and so are the majority of the American people.

"America can be a lawful society and a welcoming society at the same time." We are already a welcoming society, we just need someone to do your job that understands law enforcement. Do not try to make America look bad to cover your own ineptitude.

We will fix the problems created by illegal immigration"; illegals are the problem, anything else is a symptom.

"The border should be open to trade and lawful immigration and shut to illegal immigrants, as well as criminals, drug dealers and terrorists." Gee. Mr. President, what a grasp of the obvious. When exactly did you have this epiphany? Was it when you dropped below 30% in the polls?

I am not even going to address the paragraphs of meaningless fluff about the National Guard and the Border Patrol because this will have little to no impact on stemming the invasion.

Let's cut to the chase. " The United States is not going to militarize the southern border. Mexico is our neighbor, and our friend." I don't know about your friends, Mr. President but I sincerely doubt that they sneak into your house and use your stuff without permission and when caught, demand they be allowed to stay and be treated as family.

"More than 85 percent of the illegal immigrants we catch crossing the southern border are Mexicans, and most are sent back home within 24 hours." Equally true is that within 24 hours they are trying to sneak back in. We need to charge Mexico for the cost of this since they refuse to help prevent it and are mostly to blame for it.

"We have expanded the number of beds in our detention facilities, and we will continue to add more. We have expedited the legal process to cut the average deportation time. And we are making it clear to foreign governments that they must accept back their citizens who violate our immigration laws. As a result of these actions, we have ended "catch and release" for illegal immigrants from some countries. And I will ask Congress for additional funding and legal authority, so we can end "catch and release" at the southern border once and for all. When people know that they will be caught and sent home if they enter our country illegally, they will be less likely to try to sneak in."

Let us not discuss your line, "This practice, called "catch and release," is unacceptable and we will end it."
Who ultimately is responsible for this fiasco? Who should have fixed this problem years ago? Thank you.

And now, the temporary worker program that is behind all of this. When you have shown you can do your job of securing and protecting our borders then, and only then, should you be allowed to move to another level.

"America needs to conduct this debate on immigration in a reasoned and respectful tone." What you're really saying, Mr.President, is don't yell at me for not doing my job. Well, perhaps if you took responsibility for failing the nation instead of trying to spread the blame around it might be easier to believe and trust you. However, since you fail to realize that the enemy in this case is you and many of your fellow politicians on both sides, wisdom decrees that we treat you and your "plan" with suspicion.

Say goodnight, George!

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