Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We Don't Say Criminals, We Say Errants

Here's a good one from the Rocky Mountain News.

In a lawsuit, the ACLU claimed that Colorado state law denying paroled prisoners the right to vote was unconstitutional, and argued that the Colorado Constitution provided that convicted criminals only lose their right to vote while they are incarcerated, but not after they are released on parole. A Denver district judge dismissed the lawsuit.

State law says that no one who is serving a sentence should be allowed to vote and parole is part of the sentence.

However, the best part is not the usual shenanigans of the ACLU shysters taking up the banner of felons, pedophiles and pornographers, it is another group involved in the case. "We’re very disappointed," said Dianne Tramutola-Lawson, chairwoman of Colorado CURE.

Any idea what CURE stands for? It's an acronym for Citizens United for Rehabilitation for Errants. Errants!??? Here's another leftwing euphemism meant to turn convicted criminals magically into people who have merely strayed out of bounds and simply deviate from the standard. What a crock of horse manure.

Let's see what happens when the ACLU appeals.

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