Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Day Without Illegals

According to the media, Monday was a day "without immigrants." I doubt that, it was closer to a day with hostile illegals. However, would these protestors be willing to really put things to the test and leave the country for a month or two? Then, we could assess the impact on our economy, social services, medical facilities etc.

That won't happen because it is so much easier to continue breaking rules whether it's sneaking across the border or ditching work and school. The message being, if you pass laws that are inconvenient for me, I won't obey them. Why would you want people of that mindset in your society, let alone as citizens?

The media kowtows to it all, full of euphemisms and spin. Why? Because they are succumbing to the pressure of moron's such as lawyer Domingo Garcia, who said that using the term "illegal alien" or "illegal immigrant" is a racial slur. How this can be when illegals are comprised of Chinese, Hispanic, Irish, Poles and many others is unexplained, but it's a convenient way to take the real issue off the table.

Lord, save us from political correctness and those who employ it.

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