Monday, May 01, 2006

Politically Correct Penguins

Managers at Sea World, on the Gold Coast, are now calling their colony of fairy penguins, "little penguins"because they are afraid of upsetting the gay community.

They haven't had any complaints, but were suddenly seized by this need to be "more politically correct."

I don't know why they're stopping at the penguins, the Gold Coast is located in Queensland, Australia. That might be offensive as well and all this from a country that smokes fags.

Even the gays don't get it. Kamahl Fox, chairman of gay support group the Gold Coast Breakers, said: "I wouldn't be upset by fairy penguins at all.

A spokesman for Brisbane's Gay Dads group said the name change took political correctness to the extreme.

"People have been going to see fairy penguins for years and that shouldn't have to change," he said. "The word fairy hasn't been offensive to gay people for about 30 years -- it's just not an issue."

Nerida Ackerman, spokeswoman for gay, lesbian and bisexual 12 to 18-year-olds at Brisbane's Open Door Youth Service, said: "The young people here have grown up knowing these birds as fairy penguins and they think it's silly and a bit of a shame that the name has been changed."

I couldn't agree more. At least these pc moonbats are in a zoo, now if we could just get them caged.

Thanks to The Sunday Mail.

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