Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Cardinal George Pell, the Archbishop of Sydney Australia, is being attacked by Muslims for daring to question whether Islam is indeed a religion of peace and tolerance.

In February, the Cardinal addressed a group of Catholic businessmen in Florida. Now, the Muslim drama queens emerge, crying as in the case of Keysar Trad of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia that the Cardinal's comments were "ill-informed," and that the speech was "an off-the-cuff dismissal of the teachings of one of the world's great religions."

Read the Cardinal's speech here, it is lengthy but well worth your time. There is nothing offensive about it.

You have to admire the Cardinal's reponse to the Muslim critics. Here it is:

"Isolated suggestions that I am uninformed on Islam are clich├ęs, smokescreens to distract, to divert attention rather than address basic issues which need to be discussed.

Islamic terrorists are not a figment of anyone’s imagination and the history of relations with Islam is full of conflict.

I continue to be completely committed to dialogue with Muslims, to supporting moderate forces on all sides.

I recommend that people read the Quran and my article in Quadrant (also on the Sydney Archdiocese website, and judge for themselves.

We need a lot of continuing dialogue, based on truth, history and the current situation."

Finally, a spiritual Christian authority who doesn't fold like a house of cards when confronted by the heretical haranguing of Islamic fanatics.

At least there are some still keeping the faith. The Church in Australia is fortunate to be blessed with such a shepherd.

He also managed to tick off the Green Party because of his comments about the environment. Read that at CNSNews.

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