Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dean's Gay Scapegoat

Howie Dean has fired the his party's gay outreach adviser, Donald Hitchcock, less than a week after Hitchcock's domestic partner, Paul Yandura, accused Dean of failing to take adequate steps to defend gay rights.

"This is retaliation, plain and simple," said Yandura. "This shows what they think about domestic partners."

Does Howie strike you as a vengeful sort of guy?

According to Southern Voice, Hitchcock's dismissal came after Yandura created a stir among party activists, both gay and straight, by sending an open letter on April 20 to gay Democrats criticizing Dean and the party for not getting involved in state ballot measures seeking to ban gay marriage.

This is merely the latest problem for Dean and the DNC on gay issues. it seems Howie has a gift for pissing off just about everyone. He's got a hell of a bedside manner for a doctor.

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