Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ambulance Chasers Of The ACLU

Here is a perfect example of the ACLU trawling the seas looking for legal action fish to put in its basket. There is no plaintiff so they are chumming the waters to find one.

This whole exercise is due to a program that requires drivers, pulled over for crimes such as reckless driving or excessive speeding, to ink their thumbprint on a ticket or face jail.

Director Dawn Wyland contacted anti Sheriff Arpaio groups to find someone who’s been would make a good candidate to sue. In other words, no DUIs.

Is there a shortage of litigation? Have these legal hacks nothing better to do than further clog our courtrooms with their incessant braying about feigned rights abuse?

Obviously, they have it in for Sheriff Arpaio who said, the ACLU
"sues me every time I go to the toilet." There is a positive side though. "Every time they go after me," Arpaio said Thursday, "my polls go up."

You have to wonder how many people are in favor of protecting the "right" to drive recklessly and/or at excessive speed. Of course, that is the means by which the ACLU is trying to drive this nation to ruin.

The following quote is from an article in the East Valley Tribune.

"We have drafted a memo on the points of law that show clear constitutional and statutory violations under Joe’s new fingerprint policy," wrote director Dawn Wyland in an e-mail to an anti-Arpaio group. "We are now looking for a plaintiff so we may bring a case and stop the abuse."

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