Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Swedish Pastor Free to Preach

Fortunately, there still seems to be a residue of common sense left in the world's halls of justice. Despite the fact that the left desires to relegate freedom of speech to the dungeons of political correctness, it still, somehow, manages to survive. It is very difficult to voice a conservative opinion without some group like the ACLU searching the highways and byways for an offended party to challenge it in court. The tyranny of the minority hopes to intimidate us into submission.

Ake Green, a Swedish pentecostalist pastor who had been sentenced to a month in prison for a sermon in which he condemned homosexuality has been acquitted by the Supreme Court in Stockholm.

Green said he felt “relieved” by the verdict, in which he was cleared of the crime of ‘agitation against minority groups.’

“I was prepared for the fact that I could be acquitted, but also that I could be convicted,” he told news agency TT from his church.

Gay right groups have condemned the verdict, saying that it makes nonsense of the law.

“It is extremely serious when the church is turned into a free zone for agitation,” said Soren Andersson, chairman of gay rights group RFSL.

“We are now going to face increased religious agitation from extreme right-wing Christian groups that use the church as a forum to spread their message of hatred.”

From The Local.

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