Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Protecting And Encouraging Illegals, ACLU Course 101

I'm a little early posting this contribution to the blogburst, but it was on my mind. I'm so sick of our government failing to address this illegal invasion problem that I just had to write about it again.

The time for debate is long gone. Years have passed since the 9/11 attack and we still can't figure out what to do about our borders. Only government employees could survive this inaction. If these people had real jobs they would have been laid off or fired outright. That's what needs to happen at the polls. For heaven's sake America get on the ball.

The Southwest Conference on Illegal Immigration, Border Security and Crime was in session last week. It was hosted by Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

In a speech to hundreds of police, lawmakers, human rights activists and Minutemen civilian border watchers at the conference, Thomas said using local law enforcement to weed out illegal immigrants makes sense because the two are already intertwined.

''The connection between illegal immigration and crime is undeniable,'' Thomas said.

With 3.5 million residents, Maricopa County -- which encompasses the Phoenix metro area -- is the fourth-most-populous county in the nation but has the highest crime rate, Thomas said.

But of course, the friends of the criminal, the ACLU think differently. Eleanor Eisenberg, the former director of the Arizona American Civil Liberties Union, argued against using local police to enforce immigration laws. She said for police, it could ruin their critical relationship with immigrant communities.

Would that be illegal alien communities?

In Cochise County, where I live, Sheriff Larry Dever said it's not a matter of whether local authorities should be involved in enforcing immigration laws. They already are, he said.

''We're engaged in it whether we want to be or not,'' Dever said. ''We need to decide what level to be involved and seek adequate funding.''

Why is it that the ACLU is always on the hind end of anything that has to do with protecting Americans? Why don't they become the MCLU, the Mexican Civil Liberties Union or the Muslim Civil Liberties Union? They certainly aren't on the side of American's civil liberties.

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