Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chinese Gardeners Mow Path To Russia

Don't let Vicente Fox see this story or we'll be invaded by guys who claim to want a future in lawn care. Although, grass would have a whole different meaning and there would be no note asking for a return trip.

Russian border officials in the country’s Far East have arrested two Chinese men who attempted to sneak across the border into Russia on a lawnmower, local media reported.

When they were stopped, the unauthorized immigrants claimed they had gotten lost while cutting grass. They showed a note in broken Russian written by hand, but with their photographs saying: “We are workers, who clean fire-prevention zone. We got lost. Please, return me to China”. They claimed it was given by Chinese forest police.

Russian authorities said this was not the first time that illegal entrants had claimed to be lost gardeners.

Thanks to MOSNEWS

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