Thursday, November 24, 2005

To Whom Do We Give Thanks?

Because of holiday family get togethers and the fact that I am recovering from a head cold, I will be brief today. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and remember it is the Good Lord to whom we are giving thanks. I can't believe the ACLU has not attacked this holiday. I wonder if they think they are supposed to be expressing gratitude to Roger Baldwin?

Can't you see them all sitting around the dining room table, holding hands, while one leads in giving thanks?

"In the spirit of socialism we join today in giving thanks to our founder and inspiration Roger Baldwin. Roger, thanks for all the benefits you have bestowed. Thanks for protecting child porn and no prayer in school. Thanks for destroying the pledge of allegiance and Christian symbols throughout the year but especially at Christmas. Thanks for the removal of the Ten Commandments from institutions of law and justice. Thanks for Michael Newdow and Anthony Romero. Because of you, Roger, we give thanks for the good things you have left us. Thanks, Roger, thanks for.....nothin'."

Happy Thanksgiving all, despite the ACLU we still have much to be grateful for!

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