Friday, November 18, 2005

Designer Sneakers For Criminal Activity

NY artist Judi Werthein has designed special high top sneakers for aiding illegal entry ino the US.

A map of the border area around Tijuana, Mexico, and the best routes to San Diego are printed on a removable insole. A compass and tiny flashlight are attached to the shoelaces.

The shoes she doesn't sell, she hands out to wannabe illegals in Tijuana as they prepare to break our nation's laws. Recently, she displayed the insole map to one group, telling them "This blue line is where you want to go. Good luck! You're all very courageous" .

Werthein came here legally from Argentina and this is how she thanks the country that welcomed her and made her successful. What a display of ingratitude by an enabler of criminal activity. There should be some way to deport her back to Argentina, then she can test her sneakers out if she wants to come back.

More at the New York Daily News.

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