Saturday, November 26, 2005

Marlowe Masterpiece Censored In England

The artistic community in Europe is now censoring itself on what Muslims may or may not like. Read the entire piece at TIMESONLINE.

At least there was an outcry from some scholars and theatre people. Why in the world are we protecting Islam more than we would any other religion? Why aren't the actors protesting the violation of their artistic integrity and the bastardization of a classic work of art. Why are there no screams about censorship?

Could it be that they are only brave when denigrating those who defend their right to free speech or those whom they have no reason to fear?

The producers of Tamburlaine the Great have come under fire for censoring Christopher Marlowe’s 1580s masterpiece to avoid upsetting Muslims.

Audiences at the Barbican in London did not see the Koran being burnt, as Marlowe intended, because David Farr, who directed and adapted the classic play, feared that it would inflame passions in the light of the London bombings.

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