Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Attacks On Alito Already In Progress

The donks are tripping over each other in their mad war dance to stop anyone conservative from getting on the court.

The same holier than thou hypocites that are against racial profiling are trying to demean the latest candidate's Italian ancestry. This is from Chris Matthews of "Hardball", who is no friend of the right.

Matthews said, "I'm sitting here holding in
my hands a pretty disgusting document. This is put out not for attribution, but
it comes from the Democrats. They're circulating it; I can say that. The first
thing they nail about this Italian-American is he failed to win a mob conviction
in a trial ... way back in '88. In other words, they nail him on not putting
some Italian mobsters in jail from the family. Why would they bring up this
ethnically charged issue as the first item they raise against Judge Alito?

We know why. Because they are a group of low class, gutter worshipping, immature louts who have no integrity, morals or self discipline. They are the living testimonials to the failed liberal educational system, serving only the whims of the democrat demagogues.

Speaking of which, the usual suspects are thrasing around in liberal induced spasms, Kennedy, Boxer, Leahy etc. Leahy, in a fit of arrogant petulance, called the nomination a "needless provocation". How pretentious is that? If anything might be deemed needless, it is your negative approach to not getting your way senator. Look at the man's judicial credentials and yea or nay him. Otherwise, shut your whining socialist pie hole and go hug a tree.

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