Friday, November 04, 2005

Je Vous Ai Compris, I have Understood You

The man who spoke those words to the Algerians is the man who began France's dance of demise with the Arab world. Merci, Charles DeGaulle.

Where are you now, you who forced NATO to leave French soil, opposed British entry into the Common Market, fostered extremist separatist sentiments in Quebec, and supported the Arabs in their war with Israel. You are dead and gone some 35 years but your "policy of grandeur" has stooped the shoulders of a nation too weak to bear it and now the chickens have come home to roost or roast, as the case may be.

Your children are paying for the sins of their father. Paris is burning; the fires set by the hands of the children of Arabs you flirted with in your hopes of having a role on the international stage. All for naught, Charles, your brief moment of pomp and preening has passed and now the bill is due and payable on demand.

It was you, Charles, who said,"France has no friends, only interests" and I'm afraid you have caused that to become a reality. The Americans will not be bailing out the French anymore. It is not in our interest to do so. C'est la vie.

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