Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today's Tool Of Media Mendacities

It's pervasive. Everywhere you turn the media is putting it's spin on how it wants you to see the world. Even reviews of movies have turned into another opportunity to bash America. Here's a tidbit from the Today Show.

Gene Shalit: "Good morning and welcome to the Critic's Corner. Jarhead, from the distinguished director Sam Mendes, is an immediate classic. No exploding mines, no flying shrapnel its glory is in its understatement, its frightening quietude. Jarhead, that's slang for a Marine, is set in Desert Storm, America's first oil war."
I guess Shalit is the latest shill for the far left media assault. Just when I thought their spokesmen couldn't get more cartoonish than "Looney Andy Rooney", they roll out Shalit. Who's next, Phil Spectre?

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