Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Demolition Man, Rest In Pieces

Another victory in the War on Terror as the "demolition man" Azahari Husin has apparently blown himself up along with two henchmen. Azahari was the mad Malaysian bomb maker, said to be one of the world's best, that was suspected in the attack on the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta and the Bali bombing that killed over 200 innocent people.

It seems appropriately just that Husin blew himself to bits after police surrounded him in his east Java hideout. He was Indonesia's most wanted man, a dangerous member of Al Qaeda.

A former professor of statistics, who studied in Great Britain and Australia, before he became a "born again" Muslim, he is believed to have trained in Afghanistan and the Phillipines. He was an alleged member of Jemaah Islamiah a militant network that advocates the creation of a fundamentalist Muslim country in Southeast Asia.

Score another point for the good guys. Details coming in at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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