Thursday, November 03, 2005

Reinhardt, Lackey Of The ACLU

I have been posting lately about Judge Reinhardt and how he is a tool of the ACLU. Well, here he goes again. He wants your children. They're not yours, they belong to the state! Read about this latest travesty of a decision.

Then, read this and this.

Parents have no constitutional right to prevent public schools from exposing children to sexual topics, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Wednesday. The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court's decision that found the rights of parents were not violated by a California public school district that allowed a psychological survey of its elementary school children. Among the survey questions asked of the children were 10 with sexual references, such as "Can't stop thinking about sex" and "Not trusting people because they might want sex." A group of parents whose children were surveyed sued the Palmdale School District, alleging their right to privacy and civil rights had been violated because control of their children's upbringing had been "robbed." A three-judge panel held the parents have a right to inform their children as they wish about sex but do not have the right to prevent a public school from providing students with information it deems appropriate. "Schools cannot be expected to accommodate the personal, moral or religious concerns of every parent," Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote for the panel. "Such an obligation would not only contravene the educational mission of the public schools, but also would be impossible to satisfy."

It's time to think about impeachment for this tool of evil.

"Information it deems appropriate"? That is the parent's decision, not the sexual agenda of the ACLU.

I sincerely doubt the vast majority of parents in our country want their children subjected to this kind of questioning in school. Hopefully, his decison will be taken to the Supreme Court where this rogue judge will be overturned once again. How many times must we, the people, be subjected to the arrogant insanity of Reinhardt? America, respond! Let's make an example of this pathetic excuse of a judge and send him packing.

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