Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rise Romero, Here Come Da Judge

In the latest piece of propaganda from the ACLU, Anthony Romero opens his press release with the following.

"The ACLU participates in more cases before the Supreme Court than anyone besides the U.S. government itself."

This gives you a clue as to how much unbridled power and money this organization has to spend on trying to rewrite our constitution.

The ACLU's target this time is Judge Alito and Romero is threatening that the ACLU will compile a report on Judge Alito's civil liberties record and , in Romero's words, "will make sure each and every Senator understands that record and acts on his or her obligation to protect the Supreme Court's vital position in our constitutional democracy".

I'm sure we can trust the ACLU to be its usual impartial self in this analysis. The ACLU has no problem with activist judges who legislate from the bench. That is the way they implement the tyranny of the minority. Therefore, they will attack Judge Alito for decisions in which he interpreted the US Constitution as it was written and not as seen through the kaleidoscopic lenses of Romero and the ACLU.

The ACLU desires a different kind of justice and judge. The Ninth Circuit Courty of Appeals is more to their liking. For instance, Judge Reinhardt of that court was nominated by Jimmy Carter and married the former head of the Southern California ACLU. Read more about that here.

Known, by some, as one of the most overturned judges in history, Reinhardt has made some interesting decisions and observations.

  • He ruled the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional because it contained the words "under God."
  • In 1993, he complained in an opinion piece, published by the Washington Post, that there were not enough homosexual judges.
  • He believes using police dogs to track down drugs or criminal suspects violates the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.
  • He overturned a Washington state referendum banning assisted suicide in Compassion In Dying v. Washington.
In that last ruling he gave a warning to those with "religious convictions," on issues like abortion and assisted suicide, saying, "They are not free…to enforce their views, their religious convictions, or their philosophies on all the other members of a democratic society…"

I guess if the judge had his way, along with the ACLU, people with religious convictions would be denied the vote. Sorry boys, it ain't gonna happen.

Along with Reinhardt, on the same court, you have Marsha Berzon, appointed by Clinton and a former member of the board of directors of the ACLU of Northern California.

This is the style of judicial system the ACLU desires, where democracy is thwarted because only the liberal aristocracy knows what is "good". This would be a democracy where your options are limited by the likes of George Soros, Cindy Sheehan, Ward Churchill and Harry Bellafonte. This would be a democracy where your vote wouldn't matter because the only choices offered all have the same outcome (sounds like the Communists doesn't it). This is the tyranny of the minority and they plan to have their way at any cost.

Stop them now, don't let this happen on your watch. Support Judge Samuel Alito and keep our court safe from left wing ideologues.

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