Sunday, November 06, 2005

I've Got Your Sensitivity, Right Here

A chief constable has condemned the portrayal of Muslims in a police magazine cartoon, describing it as offensive and sacrilegious.

The Police Federation magazine cartoon shows officers taking their shoes off outside a mosque, as a bearded man escapes clutching bags of explosives.

Found at the BBC News.

Let me get this straight. Muslims can call for the elimination of an entire nation, burn down other religions places of worship and sections of a European capital, behead people, desecrate the bodies of the dead etc. etc. etc. but, this is offensive and sacriligious? I don't think so. The world has had more than it can take of kowtowing to this backward cult of repression. They need to get over themselves and we need to stop enabling them to keep acting out. This sensitivity nonsense is all one-sided catering to a bunch of fanatics and mental cases. It must end.

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