Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sarah Peake Piqued By Pilgrims

From the state that gave you Teddy, drunk driving killer, Kennedy, John, reporting for recognition, Kerry and Michael, tanks for the memories, Dukakis comes Sarah Peake.

Here's a woman apparently offended when she realized females did not have the right to vote at the time of the Pilgrims. Where she was during history classes and how she missed that vital segment of her education is anyone's guess. But, now she is going to erase the sins of the past by removing any visual reminder of them.Thanksgiving Day must have been a hideous recalling of past abuses for this woman.

Seriously, this is a powerful display of how the left would rather look for and focus on what they perceive as negative in any given situation. Memoralizing the Mayflower Compact was done to honor many positive human traits, such as faith and courage but, the left opts to see prejudice and inequality instead. How pathetic life must be for them but, of course, it is of their own choosing.

In Provincetown Massachusetts a painting of the Pilgrims voting for the Mayflower Compact will come down soon.
After a motion by Selectwoman Sarah Peake, the board decided Monday to ask the art commission to take it down and replace it with another painting from the town's collection.
Peake argued that the painting should be taken down because it does not show a single woman, and "the only one not holding a ballot in the painting is the Native American."

Read more at The Cape Codder.

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