Thursday, November 24, 2005

Innocence By Virtue Of Ineptitude

Last month I posted about Samir Azzouz, the acquitted Dutch terrorist.

There's more to the story.

A Dutch appeals court said on Friday it was convinced of the terrorist intent of a teenager accused of planning to bomb government buildings, a nuclear reactor and perhaps an El Al plane, but upheld his acquittal as he had not gone far enough with his plot.I guess the police should have let him get to the point of being able to actually blow people up so they could make the charges stick!? And we have judges who like to base their decisions on other countries ' laws!?

The arrest last year of Samir Azzouz, 19, sparked a national security alert. Authorities found machine-gun ammunition, a bullet-proof vest, two mock explosive devices, a silencer, maps and sketches of potential target buildings at his home."The defendant tried to make an explosive. In that respect, there is no doubt about the full extent of the terrorist intensions of the accused," the court said in its ruling."But what he had done to prepare an attack ... was in such an early stage and so crude and primitive that it posed no real threat within the foreseeable future
Azzouz, the son of Moroccan immigrants, was acquitted in April of accusations he had planned to attack a Dutch nuclear reactor. His lawyer, Victor Koppe, has said he is also not guilty of the latest allegations reported by the television program Nova. Prosecution spokesmen could not immediately be contacted Friday to confirm the authenticity of the Nova report. Nova said it had seen a police dossier of evidence against Azzouz, including reports from intelligence agencies and a video Azzouz allegedly recorded for his family and friends before an attack in which he expected to die.

Obviously, intent counts for nothing in the Netherlands. I guess if you're too stupid or inept to carry out your crime successfully, that equates to innocence for the Dutch.This is one of the saddest decisions to ever have come out of a pathetic excuse for a court of law. I encourage you to read more at: Ynetnews.

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