Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Enemy At Home

This one outcome epitomizes the election results and tells us what is in store for America.

Voters in Minnesota elected a Muslim Democrat to Congress (Keith Ellison), even though he had his license suspended for unpaid parking tickets and has been affiliated with the Nation of Islam (Louis Farrakhan). The IRS placed a lien on his home for unpaid taxes.
He was reprimanded and fined for unreported campaign contributions and discrepancies in cash balances. And, he is a darling of CAIR which contributed to his campaign.This is just what we need in Congress, a scofflaw, anti-Semite with a history of espousing lunatic leftist causes.

Thanks to this election,
we are now likely to lose the war to the terrorists and America to amnesty for illegal aliens. Prepare, the next attack on our shores is at hand, but this time we will know exactly who to blame, the enemy at home.

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