Saturday, November 25, 2006

Say We Are Peaceful Or We'll Kill You

Ali Bardakoglu, who heads Ankara's Directorate General for Religious Affairs, thinks that when the pope visits Turkey next week, he should say he believes Islam, like Christianity, to be a religion of peace. "I think the attitude the Pope should take is that neither Islam nor Christianity is a source of violence," he stated. I read this right after finishing an article that told of hundreds of schools in southern Thailand that will close because of attacks by Muslims against teachers and schools. Inspired by their "peaceful" religion, attackers shot a school principal on Friday, and then set his body on fire. It was Ali Bardakoglu who called criticism of Islam a serious threat to world peace. Why would that be? Is Islam peaceful as long as everyone tiptoes around it? That does not even appear to be true.

In a previous statement Ali said of the pope, "I do not think any good will come from the visit to the Muslim world of a person who has such ideas about Islam's prophet. He should first of all replace the grudge in his heart with moral values and respect for the other." This must be because of the respect and tolerance accorded to others by the prophet's psychotics. Remember, this is the country that
banned Piglet from their cartoons. Sure, we all believe you're a rational, peaceful lot because you say so. When pigs fly!

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