Thursday, November 16, 2006

Murtha's New Misdirection

Continuing the Democrats' "new misdirection" by focusing on corrupt leadership, Nancy Pelosi is pushing for Jack Murtha as House majority leader. But, Jack has been caught saying that the rules governing congressional ethics, proposed by Nancy Pelosi, are "total crap."

Appearing Wednesday on MSNBC's "Hardball' Chris Matthews asked Murtha to clarify his remarks. He asked Murtha if it was " . . . total crap to tell people you can’t take a lunch from somebody? Where do you draw—where is your position on ethics right now?"
Murtha tried to say that the "crap" he was talking about "is the crap that people have violated the law, the crap that the kind of things that have happened with Abramoff, the kind of things that have happened with some of the members." (Murtha should talk about the kind of things that happen on FBI sting tapes.)

But, back at the interview, Mathews was not about to let Murtha lie his way out so easily.
"But that’s not what you said," Matthews shot back. "Didn’t you say it was total crap, what she was proposing?"

Murtha lies again: "What I said was . . . it is total crap that we have to deal with an issue like this when we’ve got a war going on and we got all these other issues - $8 billion a month we’re spending . . ."

This, then, will be the direction the Donk leadership will be taking; the same old pattern of lies, corruption and deceit. I guess they're practicing for when a Clinton is in the White House again.

Hat tip NewsMax.

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