Thursday, November 16, 2006

How Do You Say Chutzpah In Espanol

Mexican officials are upset that U.S. Border Patrol agents crossed the border into Mexico without permission while chasing drug smugglers last week. The truck they were using had been stolen in El Paso.

The city of Juárez issued a statement "condemning that authorities from other countries enter a national territory without respect for sovereignty." How's that for chutzpah? Since when has Mexico ever valued the national territory and sovereignty of the USA?

City official Jorge Alvarez Compeán said Mexico should formally complain to the United States.

Even though the intent was to stop drug smuggling, "The end does not justify the action,"he said. In other words, nobody paid him to let this happen.

The Border Patrol admits the incident took place. So what? Mexican military, police, smugglers and illegals violate the border hourly. Where's Jorge's indignation over that? If "the end doesn't justify the action" then that also applies to his countymen who break our laws and violate our sovereignty as a national pastime.

Hat tip El Paso Times.

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