Sunday, November 12, 2006

Feingold's Gift To America


Ok, everyone, try to contain your disappointment.
Russ Feingold will not be the next president of the United States. I know, it's hard to believe, considering the way America just voted itself a giant step toward becoming the next great socialist power in the world.

Wouldn't comrade Feingold have made a fine commissar for the Democrat People's Party of United Socialist States?
Feingold has decided against seeking the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, saying he wants to focus on his work in the Senate. The continuing work of subversion he has been engaged in for the last fourteen years is what he means. The fact that this guy keeps getting elected means there must be hallucinogenic mold on much of Wisconsin's cheese.

UPDATE: Here's one of the tinfoil mad hatters' comments at responding to this post:

For the last 6 years progressive democrats have heard the republicans say "get over it," referring to the loss of elections. The shoe is now on the other foot. Get over it.

Feingold is not the enemy. Imperialism is, and the blindness of die hard republicans that fail to realize that the nation has taken a hard right toward fascism. I do not like the idea of any party being in control of all three branches of government Yes, I am a democrat. I am a democrat because they were the viable opposition party to Bush and his henchmen. I will keep any eye on them as closely as I watched the republicans.

I fault you republicans that failed to realize the dangers of this imperial presidency and continued to support and promote the ideals of the administration. Feingold recognized the dangers and fought to curtail the abuse.

May a pox find you all for not recognizing the dangers you placed this nation in. Iraq was not involved in 911.

You cannot win a war against terrorist by declaring war on terrorism any more than you can curtail drug use by declaring a war on drugs.

Politics is not a sport that deserves blind support and loyalty to a team. Residents of the world are all on the same team and until such a time as self interest stops trumping global concerns we are doomed to repeat history.

Democrats were told to get over it, not because they disagreed with Bush or his policies, but because they kept saying the elections were rigged. Notice, now that they finally won one in a row we hear nothing about voting machines, long lines, chads, etc. That's because Republican's, for the most part, act like adults and do not wish plagues upon their opponents. (EXAMPLE: "May a pox find you all for not recognizing the dangers you placed this nation in.")

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