Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jesus Loving Patriots Are The Problem

Do you know what incites islamomaniacs? According to the
CAIR website it's "JESUS-LOVING, PATRIOTIC AMERICANS." Well, do you know what incites me? A bunch of bobbleheaded cretins that get all lathered up over the psycho prophet's babblings and want me to sign on to their dogma or die.

"Anti-Muslim rhetoric in our society is growing to alarming levels," said CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper in a Nov. 1 news release. "This disturbing trend can only get worse unless top American religious and political leaders speak out strongly against Islamophobia." Gee, I wonder why!
Could it have anything to do with not wanting to be be beheaded so we won't have a brain left to resist this nonsense?

No one other than muslimanical moon worshipers and leftwing losers gives a rats heinie butt about the Koran, Sharia or any of the rest of the lunatic legacy left by Mo, the mental health poster boy.

If you're so unhappy with us Jesus loving Westerners, load up your belongings and head back to your holyland where you can enjoy the blessed squalor of Allah.

Or, shut the hell up and assimilate!

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