Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lap Dog Or Attack Dog?

Mel Martinez, who will become the new general chairman of the Republican Party, said on Tuesday he would not be an "attack dog" in the 2008 White House race. Isn't that what we need, a neutered "lap dog" to watch over the party. That way the Donks' "rabid dog" Dean can rip him apart.

President Bush gave Martinez his blessing at a meeting in the Oval Office, calling the Cuban-born senator an American success story.

"He's going to be an excellent spokesman for the Republican Party," Bush said. "He'll be a person who'll be able to carry our message as we go into an important year in 2008." What message would that be, the same one that got us a thumpin' last election day?

Refusing to comment on how Republicans went wrong November 7th, Martinez said, "I am not going to do a post-mortem." It would be helpful, however, to know what the new party chairman thinks needs to be corrected. Something like actually protecting the nation's borders, stopping the reckless spending or weeding out the corruption within the party.

No, we just get the usual load of manure, "It's not an easy time for our party. It's time for us to come together and pick ourselves up and look to the future and be the party of hope and opportunity that we've been in the past." Hold your arms above your head, maybe you can save your watch.

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