Saturday, November 18, 2006

They're With Us, Almost

Well, another one of our supposed allies has told us to go stuff it. South Korean President Roh said his country "is not taking part in the full scope" of the UN security initiative but that it would "support the principles and goals" of the Proliferation Security initiative. What a crock of kimchi. Like most UN initiatives, this one will come to naught. And, did anyone ask Roh how you support principle and goals without taking part? What are the South Koreans in this deal, cheerleaders?

Bush tried to act like everything was ok, saying he and Roh have a mutual desire to "effectively enforce the will of the world." That's about as sincere and effective as George's effort to secure our borders.

Let's get our troops out of there and maybe the South Koreans can recall who it was that saved their country in the "police action" of the early 1950's. Perhaps a few decades under the thumb of "Dear Leader" will give these appeasers a taste of reality.

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