Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Odd Couple

Bush and Pelosi are looking to find common ground! The first thing is Rumsfield gets the boot. Next, will it be amnesty for the illegals and even more wild spending of taxpayer dollars? You can take it to the bank. Bush has officially joined the enemy. Republican voters punished him and now he is out to return the favor.

Bush told us Rumsfield would continue on, but now admits he lied. Bush told us Pelosi was a secret admirer of tax cuts, but now says it was just campaign rhetoric. Bush told us that terrorists win and America loses, if the Donks took the election, but now he doesn't really believe that.

Now, George Bush embraces the harridan who was against the Patriot Act and every other measure to secure America. Together, they can grease the skids of America's decline. Bush and Pelosi, a marriage made in hell and guaranteed to take us all there with them.

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