Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Taliban News From Pakistan

From London comes word that Pakistan is allowing Taliban fighters wounded in battles with British and other NATO forces in Afghanistan to be treated in its safe houses.

The Sunday Times

found Taliban commanders and their fighters recuperating in the Pakistani city of Quetta last week and moving freely around parts of the city.

"In the northern suburb of Pashtunabad, more than 30 Taliban were recovering from the bloodiest fighting in Afghanistan since their regime was ousted," the report said.

Dressed in neatly pressed robes with the black turbans and kohi-rimmed eyes typical of the Taliban, they lounged on cushions, sipping green tea and sucking at boiled sweets while laughing at NATO reports that they have sustained heavy casualties.

In the safe house in Quetta, several regional commanders were present and confirmed they used Quetta to relax and study out of reach of NATO. Although the men said they were regularly "shaken down" by the police, a bribe of as little as 2 pounds usually resolved the issue.

Pakistan is going to be a major obstacle for us in the War on Terror. They are more a part of the problem than the solution and the fact that they are a nuclear power is disturbing. Someday in the not too distant future we will see those weapons pointed in our direction.

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